Scorers Courses 2015/16

Before any definite arrangements are made for scorers courses before April 2016, an indication of who wants to take one and if they require a Beginners course or a Level 1 course is needed. Costs will depend on which course is undertaken, venue, etc. but to give a guideline, the beginners will be in the region of £20 – 25 and the Level 1 about £60.

The beginner’s course can be carried out in one day showing the candidates the basic of scoring including the umpire’s signals.

The Level 1 course may need to run over 3 part days. It is more in depth showing you how to complete a full scorebook by ball to ball recording and understanding and learning some of the rules relating to scoring. There will be an exam at the end of this course with an accreditation.

For more details either ring Anne Sutton on 01522 791030 or e-mail her at  BUT applications of interest must reach her BY 1ST DECEMBER 2015.